Why Is My Shoulder Sore?

Why Is My Shoulder Sore? If you’re thirty years or older and have been surfing, playing golf, tennis or generally been living an active life then you probably get some shoulder pain from time to time.

As a guy who surfs and who’s trained a lot of surfers I know how important it is to look after your shoulders and the effect that shoulder issues can have on your time in the water and other sports/activities.

I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve been waiting for a wave and heard guys talk about how stuffed their shoulders are and how they need surgery on them.

It’s sad for me to hear because I know a lot of the time these injuries are preventable!

The first thing that I look at with a client with shoulder issues is their posture because bad posture will move the shoulders out of their optimal position which means you’ll be beating them up with every stroke you take.

Think about how many strokes you take when you go for a 2-3 hour surf!

A lot of the time a shoulder injury will cause instability in the shoulder. If we don’t stretch the short tight muscles and strengthen the long weak muscles around the shoulder then its almost impossible to stabilise the shoulder.

This is important because a healthy shoulder needs to be stable.

If you keep surfing or you do the wrong type of training in the gym or do certain exercises with bad form you will make your shoulder issue worse. You need to train smart!

So if you have a shoulder pain that’s not going away then maybe it’s time to see someone who has the expertise to help.

As a trainer who’s studied posture, strength training and shoulder rehab I can design an individualised exercise and stretching program to help rehabilitate your shoulder(s). Together we’ll get you back on track and doing the things you love doing pain free!


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