Warm Up or Risk Injury!

You need to warm up!

If you’re like most people you will skip the warm up before you exercise. When you get to the gym you probably just want to get straight into your workout so you can get out of there quicker. When you get to the beach and the surf’s pumping you just want to get out there ASAP. Stuff the warm up!!

BUT, a warm up before you exercise will get your body MOVING BETTER and DECREASE YOUR CHANCE OF INJURY so you can perform at a higher level.

I use many different warm ups with clients and the type of warm up we use will depend on the client (age, orthopaedic issues, injuries, etc) and the exercises we’re about to do in the workout.

Ideally your warm up should replicate the types of movements that you will be doing in your workout or sport.

However, over the years I’ve found the following warm up to be a really FAST AND EFFECTIVE way to prepare your body for most things.

Try this circuit 1-3 times before your workout. Do each exercise for 20 seconds. Watch the video below to see how it’s done.

  • body weight squats
  • dynamic chest stretch
  • thoracic rotations
  • shoulder clocks- forward and back
  • neck stretches- forward and back, left and right, lateral
  • dynamic calf stretch

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