Hello!I’m Jared Rosenberg

My goal is to help you get the most out of your life.

There’s a lot of information overload and confusion in the field of health and fitness. I understand how overwhelming it can get, I’ve been studying it for years!

Have you ever asked yourself

  • “How should I be training to reach my fitness goals?”
  • “Which exercises are best for me?”
  • “What if I have an injury? Can I still train?”

It is my job to give you the answers you need. Let me work with you to make it simple.

I’m passionate about exercise, surfing, stretching, healthy living, the ocean and being out in nature. I believe that good health is the most important thing in life and doing the right type of exercise is a big part of this.

I draw on nearly 20 years of experience training people and my extensive study with the CHEK Institute to design Exercise Programs that’ll get you strong, moving well and looking great so you can get the most out of life.

To develop programs I draw on a vast knowledge base that I’ve built over the years. Some of the training and education I’ve undertaken includes

  • Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness (Australian Institute of Fitness)
  • Certified Rehab Masterclass Trainer
  • Certified Kettlebell Instructor
  • Advanced Program Design (CHEK Institute)
  • Exercise Coach (CHEK Institute)
  • Scientific Shoulder Training (CHEK Institute)
  • Golf Conditioning (CHEK Institute)
  • Australian Strength and Conditioning Coach (ASCA, Level 1)
  • Integrated Movement Science Level 2: Neuro-Development Movement Analysis (CHEK Institute)
  • FMA 1 Strength Coach

This isn’t just my job, this is my passion. I’m a nature guy. Surfing and freedive spearfishing are my true love but I also enjoy kayaking, cycling, hiking and pretty much anything that gets me outdoors. So you’ll find me on the earth or in the ocean any chance I get.

I know that by training right I keep my body strong and moving well, and I achieve optimal health and wellness. Which means I can keep doing the things I love for the rest of my life. I want the same for you!

What Our Clients Are Saying…

Deryck Tan

David Fairhead

My back problems and poor posture used to hold me back in both work and life itself, but after a short time working with Jared he had all but erased the constant back / neck pain and improved my posture immensely. He has given me back energy levels that i have not felt since a teenager and i now find my myself constantly looking for more things to do rather than more tv’s to look at. Jared brings a knowledge and energy to all his sessions that i feel anyone would benefit from. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to crush some life goals and get themselves back on track.

Deryck Tan

Jeremy Ellis

Starting a program with Jared was one of the best things I have ever done. I needed to gain strength and flexibilty to help improve my performance for my chosen sports. Golf and skateboarding are quite different but we managed to structure a program to suit both. I have noticed a massive difference from start to finish, my recovery after is far better which means im able to get out there more. Im driving further with less effort, and my general balance and feeling is remarkably better. Stoked on my results.

Deryck Tan

Andrew WoodHardline Surfboards Owner

Age and injuries catch up fast and it was time I got some help. Ive had a recent shoulder op and other injuries so Jarred got the full run down then he checked body posture alignment, mobility and started to formulate a program to get me right. My initial goal was to be surfing for a surf trip in 4 weeks. After that it’s to maintain a level of fitness to keep surfing. Jared got me back in the water surfing and with confidence my body would be strong enough to enjoy my surfing. Since that trip I have continued to use the exercises and instruction Jarred gave me. My shoulders are stronger and pain free, my other injuries are being maintained and I’m surfing ever day we have waves. Jared’s knowledge and understanding of fitness and body function saved my surfing life. Thank you Jared, I will be recommending your services.

Deryck Tan

Mike Miers

Jared has been my personal trainer for the past five years. His approach and knowledge of a holistic and balanced approach to fitness is first class. He has a depth of knowledge on diet, physiology and exercise that surpasses any trainers I have encountered in the past. Highly recommended.

Deryck Tan


Due to a few weaknesses such as lower back and recent knee arthroscopy, it has taken a while for my body to settle into regular exercise. Jared has supported me along the way with simple exercise modifications where necessary to assist me to keep exercising and grow stronger and fitter whilst not aggravating my injuries. Jared has pushed me to excel but not so far as to put me back on the bench. It has now been three months and I am stronger and fitter than I have been for years and I look forward to every training session.

Deryck Tan

Phil Childs - RetiredGeneral Surgeon

I’ve been having a 45min personal training session with Jared twice a week for over 2 years. His professionalism and holistic approach to individual needs keep me coming back. The results have improved my sense of wellbeing and my physical ability to enjoy leisure time pursuits such as golf and surfing. I’d recommend him to help you achieve your goals and physical self-confidence.

Glen Paap

I have always trained and had ok results. Though I can honestly say after training with Jared my body has transformed. Would highly recommend.

Mark Sheppard

Jared rehabilitated me after a shoulder injury. I like the fact that Jared surfs and understands what is required to get back in the water surfing.

Jono CulleyOwner of Hollow Surf

Jared created a world I wanted to not only live in but rule

Kieran Hubble

I highly recommend the services offered, you won’t be left disappointed. Professional experience, knowledge and motivation to people of all backgrounds.

Shane Rakich

Highly recommend Jared to anyone looking to enhance their training experience. Professional, dedicated and 100% committed to getting results.

Earth and Ocean Fit’s Spearo Strength Program has made a huge difference to my diving fitness. Not owning a boat means anchor pulling is largely my responsibility, a task which I struggled with. I am finding this easier as I continue with the program. My overall diving has improved as well. Gun loading is no longer a chore and my heels no longer feel sore even after a full day of diving. The stretches and mobility exercises to help breath hold has had a positive impact too. Dare I add that straight arming fish is now a piece of cake? The videos and the timer make the program very easy to follow. Plus Jared is readily available for advice. Don’t spend that money on gear. Invest it on yourself.

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