How To Use The Programs

The amount of training (volume) in the programs have been kept quite low on purpose. 

The programs should take less than 2 hours a week.

The programs have been designed to help prepare your body and keep you active without over-training.

If you do too much training or go too heavy you’ll be more prone to muscle strains and joint injuries. Or you’ll be too sore or fatigued to perform well when you do get in the ocean, on the golf course etc…

If you’re used to high volume or heavy weights training such as CrossFit or body building then the programs may feel a bit easy at the start but they will get harder as you progress through them.


For the best results cardio should be used as a supplement to the training programs. 2 x 20 minute cardio sessions/week is a great place to start. Pick the type of cardio that you enjoy most.

If you keep the rest times down in the programs this will also help to increase your fitness but emphasis should still be on doing each exercise with good form.

Note (for surf strength programs):

The best type of cardio training especially if you’re not surfing a lot is swimming because it’ll help increase both your anaerobic and aerobic fitness and your upper body endurance for paddling.


Things like age, how much other exercise you’re doing, stress, training experience and other lifestyle factors will affect how well you recover from exercise. 

Do the stretching/mobility exercises whenever you feel sore or tight and take rest days when needed to help you recover.

At the end of the day it’s up to you to listen to your body and adjust your training accordingly. 

It’s all about finding that balance so you feel great when you do get out there!

Hope you enjoy the ride!

You should train twice/week for the entire program

ie: Workout A once/week & Workout B once/week.

You then have the option of doing the stretching and mobility exercises again or cardio on other days.


MON  Workout A

WED  Workout B

FRI      Stretch & Mob Exercises or Cardio (optional)

You can choose which days you want to train and create your own schedule in the app.


Stretch & Mobility Exercises

It’s very important that you move well before you start exercising and this is why the stretching and mobility exercises should always be done before you train.
( Ie: before Workout A or Workout B )

You should also do it on the days you don’t train if you feel sore or tight.

These exercises should be used for the entire program.


In all phases of the programs the first set of any exercise should always be used as a warm-up and a light to medium weight used. If you go too heavy on the first set you’re more likely to injure yourself.

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