Move Well, Be Strong, Live Life

All great athletes have the strength and mobility required to perform their sport at a high level and having strength and mobility will help you in most things you do too. Whether it’s picking up your toddler multiple times per day, surfing a two foot beach break or ten foot Pipeline, even going for a walk. They all require certain amounts of strength and mobility and that’s why I see everyone as being an athlete in their own right. It’s all relative.As a trainer I’m always looking for ways to reach my own athletic potential and help my clients reach theirs too. This involves training smart and doing the right preparation both in and out of the gym.

I recently got back from a twelve day surf trip and my preparation leading up to it was far from ideal! I hadn’t been doing much surfing or cardio/endurance training due to a chest and sinus infection so my fitness and upper body endurance sucked! My expectations of being super fit and ready for my surf trip had left me feeling pretty bummed and not that excited before I left. HOWEVER, to my surprise I found that after just a few days of surfing 4-5 hours a day, my cardio fitness and upper body endurance were at a pretty good level and about a week into the trip I felt about as surf-fit as I’d ever been. I think that having a good strength base (from resistance training) and having good mobility (from doing the right stretching/mobility exercises) definitely helped.

So if there’s one thing I’ve learnt from this it’s that if you’re strong and moving well, your fitness and muscle endurance will develop pretty quickly.

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