Work On Your Weak Links!

We all have different abilities in life and it’s no different when it comes to training BUT there are still things we can do to help us reach our physical potential.

A good strength training program will help identify and strengthen your weak links and this will help you reach your training goals no matter what they are!

If you’re not sure what your weak links are then look for those things which you tend to avoid or that you’re not good at and you’ll usually find them.

We tend to be drawn to our strengths and do these things more because we’re good at them.

Some people are naturally flexible so they do lots of yoga or stretching (women generally fit this category more than men).

Others are naturally strong and tend to gravitate more towards strength training (generally men).

Maybe you have great endurance so you’ve always done sports like running, swimming or triathlon.

I’m all for doing the things that you enjoy but if you only do the type of training and exercises that you’re good at and don’t work on strengthening your weak links then you’ll be less likely to reach your athletic potential. 

A well designed strength training program that incorporates stretching and mobility exercises is a great way of strengthening many weak links because you can work on so many things such as:

– strength
– power
– flexilbility
– endurance
– agility
– balance
– speed
– coordination

All my online exercise programs are designed with this in mind and each exercise has a specific purpose.

Many of the exercises used in these programs will even help you develop multiple things at once which will give you the best results and save you time!


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