Strength Training For Spearfishing

Strength Training For Spearfishing

Spearfishing can be tough on the body – so the more physically prepared we are, the better. As both a strength coach and an active spearo myself, I know when I feel physically prepared, my mental game in the water is better too!

We require a certain amount of strength, movement and fitness to load our gun, fin for hours at a time, get in and out of a boat, pull up the anchor, rock hop, pull in fish etc…

The right type of strength training program will have many benefits for spearos including helping us to dive longer, recover better, avoid injuries and dive safer.

However, the wrong type of training can negatively affect our diving and contribute to injuries.

As spearos we need to train smart!

We need to use an exercise program that will have a carry-over to our sport. One that strengthens the whole body, especially the muscles used when spearfishing.

We need to work on things such as leg endurance, upper body and core strength.

Having a full range of  movement is also beneficial to us. A good exercise program will also include stretches and mobility exercises to help us move better, which will help us dive more efficiently and avoid injuries.

There are even stretches and mobility exercises we can use to release the muscles around the chest and ribcage to promote better posture which will help us breathe better, enabling us to take a fuller breath and increase our bottom time!

I’ve drawn on nearly 20 years experience working as a strength and conditioning coach and my experience as a spearo to design my “Spearo Strength Program”.

This program can be done at home or gym with minimal equipment.

Spearo Strength Program available now at:

Below are four of my favourite exercises from my Spearo Strength Program that I know, if done regularly, will help you in the water.

For a video of these exercises go to:


  • This is a great exercise which will help to correct a hunched back (bad posture).
  • This type of posture’s the norm these days due to our ever increasing sedentary lifestyles or by doing the wrong type of training.
  • Posture’s important because it can affect how efficiently you breathe and bad posture will cause many injuries including back, neck and shoulder injuries. All of which can keep you out of the water, cost you lots of money at the physio, chiro or doctor or even lead you to the surgeon’s knife!



  • This exercise will strengthen your upper back and bicep muscles. These are some of the main muscles used to load your gun, pull up an anchor and to do freestyle swim stroke.


  • This exercise will strengthen your legs, back and abdominal muscles and get you strong in all three planes of motion which is important for full body strength and injury prevention both in and out of the water.
  • This is also a great exercise to use If you have an injury, such as a back or knee injury, because you can strengthen these areas without putting too much load through your joints.


  • This is a great exercise that’ll strengthen all of your big leg muscles used for finning. (glutes, hamstrings, quads and hip flexors).
  • We use this exercise to develop leg strength and endurance.
  • This exercise will increase strength and muscle around the knees which will help to prevent knee injuries.

For a video of these exercises go to:

Spearo Strength Program available now at:

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