Sore, Tight Neck Holding You Back?

A sore, tight neck can make a lot of the things you love doing less enjoyable!

I hate that feeling when I get in the water or I’m wanting to train but have a twinge in my neck and the restricted movement when trying to turn my head that usually comes with it.

It means that the neck muscles and often the muscles around the shoulder blade(s) are tight and need to be released and is usually caused by muscle imbalances due to bad posture.

Unfortunately this injury usually gets worse with exercise if you don’t take the time to do the right type of strength training, stretches  and mobility exercises.

If it gets really bad you’ll likely end up spending lots of money at the physio or chiro and can even lead you to the surgeons table!

Here’s a video of some stretching and mobility exercises that I use myself and have used with many of my clients over the years to help avoid or rehab this type of injury.

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