services provided

Personal training.

This is the gold standard of training. You get a completely personalised service.

This includes a comprehensive assessment where we sit down together and discuss your training goals, consider any other training you’re currently doing, and look at any past or current injuries. We then get out on the gym floor where I’ll take you through some exercises to see how you move. This will identify any muscle imbalances (strong and weak muscles), as well as flexibility imbalances (tight areas). I will also identify any postural issues you may have which could be impacting on everything you do.

A comprehensive assessment is necessary to develop the most effective personalised training program that is unique to you. If you’re not assessing, you’re guessing!

Each session is then carefully constructed with the aim of making you stronger, helping you move better and progress towards your fitness goals.

Small group training.

A brilliant option for a comprehensive training session while also getting a little bit of a social fix. Remember though, we’re here to train, not chit-chat!

This includes the same assessment as in the Personal Training option where I meet with you individually before you begin the small group training. This ensures that you still get the kind of workout that is best suited to you and your needs.

Small group training is a little less focused on the individual but by keeping the groups small it ensures that you still get plenty of attention throughout the training session.

Program design.

Some people like to go it alone…..sort of.

With my Program Design option you meet with me for a comprehensive assessment (as described in Personal Training) and I design a training program that is specific to you and your fitness goals. We then meet for one to two sessions to go through your program together to ensure that you are doing the exercises with correct form and therefore getting the most benefit from them.

This gives you the flexibility to train on your own but with the guidance of a personalised program that is structured to your specific needs.

To get the most out of this kind of training it is recommended that you meet with me once a month or so to monitor your progress and make any necessary modifications to your program.