• Hi and thanks for stopping by! Firstly let me introduce myself. My name is Jared and I. Love. Surfing. I’m also the founder of Earth and Ocean Fit. I’m passionate about my health a

  • I see this all the time in the gym – people copy others! They see someone doing an exercise (often with a trainer) and they assume that it’ll be a good exercise for themselves to d

  • YOU NEED TO WARM UP! If you’re like most people you will skip the warm up before you exercise. When you get to the gym you probably just want to get straight into your workout so y

  • All great athletes have the strength and mobility required to perform their sport at a high level and having strength and mobility will help you in most things you do too. Whether

  •   Holding a certain amount of muscle mass is very good for you and should be high on your priority list. As we get older we begin to lose muscle mass and two places we lose mu

  • Why Is My Shoulder Sore? If you’re thirty years or older and have been surfing, playing golf, tennis or generally been living an active life then you probably get some should